Heba started her career in 2002 as a Producer in the Current Affairs Department at Al Arabiya News channel. In 2007, she joined the creative team at MBC group as an Associate Creative Producer for channel MBC1. In 2009, she took the role of Program/Drama Producer and Director for “Baynounah Media Group” in Abu Dhabi.

A lifelong learner who never stops, Heba studied at the “New York Film Academy” in 2009, and added another diploma in Filmmaking to her professional toolbox.

Always on a mission, during that period she also wrote, produced, and directed her first short film, ‘Nafaq’, followed by a stream of award-winning short films including ‘Love, Older’, ‘Happy Birthday Younis’, and ‘Abu Mohammed’.

In 2011, she produced ‘Bahiya & Mahmoud’, a film that won the Best of the Fest award at The Palm Springs International Short Film Festival and subsequently an Oscar qualification.

During that period, Heba worked with the MBC Group, O3 Department to produce 120 episodes of a TV drama series called ‘A Second Chance’ based on a format series from Italy called ‘Matrimonio’.

In 2014, a sense of adventure took her to Egypt to produce formats and original formats for several TV stations including MBC Masr and OTV. These projects included ‘Cash Taxi’, ‘Kelmet Haq’, ‘Robabicia’, and ‘Ninja Warrior’. She then led the Middle East production for an American online project called ‘ALTV’.

In 2017, it was Turkey where she took on the management of AL Fallujah TV station where she launched the UTV Iraq TV Station.