Together We Can SOAR!

Translated from Arabic, my given name Heba means gift, godsend, or an act of unconditional benevolence.

My family name is Abu Musaed, which translates to the helpers, the guides, or the supporters.

I work in the space where images, art, storytelling, technology, and spirituality converge. As a Film and TV Writer, Executive Producer, and Director, my approach has always been multidisciplinary.

My film style is defined by subtle art direction and a sensibility for aesthetic imagery and precisely framed shots. I have also developed a special affinity for groundbreaking visual effects and sophisticated imagery that blends technical and artistic skills.

Once an Accident, Twice a Coincidence, Three Times a Destiny

My passion for all things beautiful has naturally brought me to music where I am collaborating with other notable artists to launch my first album as an Electronic Music Producer under the name ‘The Subject Is Me’.

This is part of a global movement to employ art for the betterment of humanity.

My gift, my passion, my life’s work was always to create, build bridges, educate, and hold the door open behind me, so that anyone who wants to can tell their own story and make their own impact.

Brick by brick I pieced my life together. I’ve been up there with the movers and shakers and worked with big stars and decision-makers. I’ve been there and done that many times around.

Now, I lay it down before you in this space, what I know, what I accomplished, and what I’m capable of.

Hello and welcome! I’m so excited that you found yourself right here, that you’ve come to be a part of this community, and that you’re opening yourself to the transformations that are possible for every single one of us.

More than anything, I want you to impact this world in all the ways you are capable.

The world needs your gift, your voice, and your message.